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About Dental Sealants

Since toothbrushes can't always reach every nook and cranny of the mouth, sealants are an easy way to increase protection against cavities, decay, and bacteria. Manufactured with flexible plastic, dental sealants are applied to the occlusal surface of the upper and lower back teeth. Once in position, sealants prevent food particles and bacteria from reaching the tooth. Patients who receive dental sealants can't feel or see the plastic covering once in place. Our dentists at Parkway Dental can help Missouri City, TX patient's dental enamel to be protected from bacteria and decay.

What to Expect

Having sealants over the teeth at Parkway Dental is an easy procedure that is performed without sedation or numbing. Before the sealants are put on, the teeth will be cleansed and buffed to make sure that plaque and tarter are not being sealed within the tooth. After this occurs, the tooth will be delicately scraped to where the sealant will be placed, then rinsed and dried. Once the tooth is prepared, our dentists will brush on the sealant onto the tooth and use a laser light to secure the sealant. Our dentists will ensure to make certain the sealant is secure.

Treatment Aftercare

With regular care, including consistent at-home oral care and on-going check ups at Parkway Dental with our dentists, sealants can last up to a decade. Our dentists will evaluate the integrity the sealants at every dental appointment. Patients will be kept informed as to whether they need to be replaced. Patients should always brush their teeth at least twice a day, as well as safeguard them by not clenching their teeth and eliminating sticky candy. While sealants are recommended for kids and adolescence, some older individuals may decide to wear their sealants if they have a history of getting cavities.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance companies typically cover a large portion of the expense for dental sealants for kids and teenagers, but some cover older individuals as well. Parkway Dental's billing staff will confirm with the patient's insurance provider to get the exact benefits that are available. If the insurance plan does not cover the fees for dental sealants our dentists are happy to discuss various payment options. An important reminder is that the cost of sealants is typically less expensive than a filling or other dental repair.

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Delay Decay

The majority of our patients can benefit from the safeguarding of dental sealants. They keep the back teeth protected with an easy procedure. To protect the teeth from decay and bacteria, dental sealants are a nice option for individuals who want better dental exams with our dentists at Parkway Dental in Missouri City, TX. Although they can't be sensed, sealants combined with a consistent home oral regime can give you a healthier smile.

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